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if you tHINK im gonna rewatch this 50 episode anime with you just because you havent seen it then you are absolutely right sit down we are marathoning this.

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Halloween meme » [3] characters I’d like to dress up as: emily, the corpse bride

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Title: National Anthem Artist: Lana Del Rey 304 plays

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem

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  • Most girls on first day of school: -walks around school, finds old friends, gets new class list-
  • Me on first day of school: -stumbles into random music room, breaks expensive vase, accidentally joins a host club-

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The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken (DutchKoninklijke Serres van LakenFrenchSerres Royales de Laeken), are a vast complex of monumental heated greenhouses in the park of the Royal Palace of Laeken in the north of Brussels. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the city.

The complex was commissioned by King Leopold II and designed by Alphonse Balat. Built between 1874 and 1895, the complex was finished with the completion of the so-called “Iron Church”, a domed greenhouse that would originally serve as the royal chapel. The total floor surface of this immense complex is 2.5 hectares (270,000 square feet). 800,000 liters (over 200,000 US gallons) of fuel oil are needed each year to heat the buildings.

The complex can only be visited during a two-week period in April–May each year, when most flowers are in full bloom.

Credits : [Wikipedia] [Olivier Polet] [Luc Viatour]

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"Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts" by Ruth & Sira Garcia

"Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts" by Ruth & Sira Garcia

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